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To my friends and colleagues working for peace, social change and environmental justice:

I view my membership in Israel's Knesset, where I serve as a representative from the Hadash movement, as part of the effort to rebuild an effective, radical Left within Israeli society.  We all know that changing our society requires changing the Left.  Such change requires political involvement beyond our present activities in the struggle for peace, the social-environmental movement, women's groups and human rights organizations. We are partners, it seems to me, in advancing the fundamental values upon which a new Left must be built.

*  To change politics, one must be involved in politics. The alternative to corrupt politics is not detachment from politics, but different politics.  Activity in civil society is essential but does not justify non-involvement in party politics.

*  Political involvement is required for social change. The politics of change is neither conformance to nationalistic consensus nor seclusion within the internal discussions of a radical group.  Rather, it requires striving to move the Israeli public to the left.

*  We must return radical social and environmental critique to the politics of the Left. Inequality (economic, ethnic, religious and gender-based) and environmental destruction are deeply rooted in our social system.  The Left should not be a stage-by stage movement that postpones all social and environmental change until the day after peace is achieved.  Our politics must be defined, in the present, by a socialist worldview and by a radical environmental vision.

*  The Left in Israel, in its goals and in its membership, must be a Jewish-Arab political partnership. The Left must oppose anything that excludes the national Arab minority from Israeli life and must support that minority's participation in the struggle for equality.

*  Democracy must be defended and expanded. Racist and right-wing threats to democracy are growing.  At the same time, moneyed interests dominate the government, public resources and public lands.  Civil society is marginalized because militarism occupies such a central place in Israel.  In opposition to such trends, the Left must defend civil freedoms and collective rights, and also, beyond that, must strive to establish a social and participatory democracy.

* We cannot abandon our efforts to reach a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Left must be an alternative to both the insanity of imperialist power and also to the kind of despair that gives up on any chance of an agreement.  The Left must refuse to rule over another people.  If Israel does not end the Occupation, the Occupation will end Israel.  The cycle of violence, oppression and terror must be broken by the foundation of two states for two peoples, on the basis of the green line(1949 Armistice lines).